Ability to Toggle Between Whole Numbers, Thousands, or Millions across all Dashboards


It would be beneficial for our organization to have easy ability to toggle between showing numbers in millions, thousands, or whole dollars depending on the task they are working on (detailed budgeting vs sharing numbers with leadership). We realize we could manually build in this functionality, but it would be nice if this is something that was just inherent Anaplan functionality. 

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  • Miran
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  • Sincerely agree! there is no point in building this function when it could be as easy as choosing how many decimals you want.

  • this is a great idea and I agree.

  • Absolutely, especially when you are reporting same data to multiple audience.  You will need a scaling option.  I don't want to show data till the last digit on a CFO report.  whereas a planning analyst requires a detailed report.

  • Would like to have a number format option that would automatically show numbers below 1,000 with no suffix, show numbers between 1,000 and 1,000,000 with K suffix (divided by 1,000) and show numbers over 1,000,000 with M suffix (divided by 1,000,000). Could be something like conditional formatting where the model builder can select breakpoints when to start K and when to start M.

  • Would like to have an ETA for this.

  • no ETA?

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