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I have a module with Versions list(version1, verrsion 2, Version 3 in Line items) in dimension. I want to copy Line item 1 of version 1 to Line item 2 of version 2. 

Please let me know how to write the formula.


Also if I have 2 similar modules and I want to copy Line item 1 of version 1 from Module 1 to Line item 2 of version 2 module 2. Please let me know how to write the formula.


Please help me on the above 2 scenarios.





  • Hi @Rajasekhar,


    can you provide screenshot of your module including dimensions and line items? It is not completely clear what is the case. 

  • Hi Rajasekhar,


    I am assuming you are using Custom Version List(i.e..Version 1, Version 2 & Version 3) .


    You need to use LOOKUP to get value from Version 1 to Version 2 as shown below. Try this.

    I have created a separate module for version lookup and formated the line item as version list and manually selected the version and used it in the Calculation module for lookup.

    Pic 1.png

    The same method can be used to bring data from one module to another module.

    ~Vignesh M




  • Hi Vignesh,

    I have as module like below:



    I want the Green to get copied to yellow. Please can you help on the same.




  • Hi Filip,


    I have the module as below:


    I want to copy from Green to  Yellow. Please can you help.


  • Hi @Rajasekhar , Try my above solution, it will work perfectly for this scenario.

    @~Vignesh M