Connected Planning: How Do We Get There?

people-vector-id1146447813.jpgThe term “Connected Planning embodies the potential power and value-add the Anaplan platform can provide to organizations of all sizes. What is Connected Planning? It means connecting parts of the business that would not traditionally speak to each other, creating faster decision-making processes, and allows for a full end-to-end planning solution on one platform.

Hearing this, what business wouldn't want to be in a state of Connected Planning? As a fairly new and innovative concept, one of the challenges we have seen is grasping HOW to even get to this state.

Impetus currently has a team of over 50 Certified Model Builders. We have been working with Anaplan since 2014 and as a Gold Partner since 2018 to help businesses create a foundation for a Connected Planning ecosystem. We'll admit, even as an Anaplan Gold Partner, it's taken us some time to figure out how best to implement long-lasting solutions and help our clients effectively and efficiently achieve sustainable success. What we've discovered along the way as essential elements to consider when starting on a Connected Planning journey are Enablement, Governance, and Expansion , which can all be facilitated through a Center of Excellence.


We believe understanding and planning for these three elements as part of your Center of Excellence will help you unlock Anaplan's potential and experience Connected Planning at its best.

More About CoE Enablement, Governance, and Planning:

Wendy Wen.pngWendy Wen is a Senior Manager at Impetus Consulting Group, an Anaplan Gold Partner. She has led over 30 Anaplan engagements with focuses on sales performance management, strategic pricing, and demand planning. Her industry experience includes high tech, consumer packaged goods, and pharmaceuticals. Wendy works with clients to optimize and streamline the business process throughout each project while providing a best-in-class Anaplan implementation, as well as leverage Impetus-developed training and advisory services to enable clients to be self-sustaining through a Center of Excellence and other best practices.



Stephanie Kim_photo.jpgStephanie Kim is the Talent Development Manager at Impetus Consulting Group (Impetus), an Anaplan Gold Partner. Stephanie is responsible for Impetus’s internal New Hire Enablement Program™ and its enablement-focused client service offerings. She also oversees all curriculum development and delivery. Through her work with Anaplan customers and those new to the Impetus team, Stephanie is preparing the next generation of Anaplanners with the knowledge and skills they need to connect people, plans, and data. Stephanie has a master’s degree in management studies from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She has experience in roles ranging from trainer, to management consultant, to Anaplan model builder and has worked with clients across industries, including life sciences, consumer package goods, financial services, and technology.