First Year of a month identification


In my Level 2 Supply Chain Lowel Bolin model I have multiple Time Settings module.


SYS00 Time Settings by Month

SYS01 Time Settings By Week

SYS02 Time Settings by Year

SYS03 Time Settings by Half Year


So, I have question regarding Weeks and Months.   My SYS01 Time Settings By Week has

(Jan)Week 1 FY 20 - 12/29/2019-1/4/2020

(Jan)Week 2 FY 20 -  1/5/2020-1/11/2020

(Jan)Week 3 FY 20 - 1/12/2020-1/18/2020

(Jan)Week 4 FY 20 - 1/19/2020-1/25/2020

(Feb)Week 5 FY 20 – 1/26/2020-2/1/2020


I want to be able to identify thru a number (1,0) or Boolean the first week of each Month.  So if using a Boolean I would mark Week 1 FY 20 as True and all other weeks in Jan 2020 as False.  I would then mark Week  5 FY 20 as True and all other weeks in Feb 2020 as False…is this doable?


  • You will need to do it in a few LIs


    Have a LI called Month which is equal to Month(Start()) set to a number in monthly time buckets.  This creates a simple LI with the numeric value of the month in every column.


    Then make a LI called MonthValue which is set to MONTHVALUE(Month) formatted to a number in weekly time buckets.  This looks up the month value for each week.


    Then make a LI called Firstweek? which is NOT(MonthValue = Previous(MonthValue))


    We are just checking to see if the value of the month has changed since the last period, and setting it true in that case.



  • Hi @bolinl1 ,


    Try this method, similar to Jonathan's solution. 

    Pic 1.png


    ~Vignesh M

  • bolinl1

    But don't I then have to do this every time I move out another year?  

  • @bolinl1 


    Here is another way of doing it.


    In you SYS Time Week module, create 3 line items (Item, Month, Is First Week?) with the following formulas:



    On the Item line item, change the summary to First Non Blank


    For a result of:




    OR, you could do it the other way, from the SYS Time Month module:








    Hope this helps,



  • @bolinl1, No you don't have to set this every year. All the provided solutions are dynamic and it doesn't require any setup.