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Is there a way to complete the Model Building courses and certification exams for students. I find this platform quite interesting and was wondering if I could learn more about it. But when I checked out the Level 1 Model Building Course, it says that the workspace access is only available to the Anaplan employees, partners and customers.

Please guide me on how students can get to learn more about the platform and train on model building.


Thank you!

Srishty Kshirsagar


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  • AashcaJ

    There are two options that I could think of to address your question, but I am not sure how quick they would be.


    1. Anaplan has an "University Connect Program (Link:" where in Anaplan can be introduced as part of your curriculum and you can actually get certified in it too. You would need to to get in touch with the Anaplan University team to see what the requirements are. I have provided the link above for more information. 

    2. Anaplan is planning to come up with a program for people who would like to go through these training and learn the application/model building; but are not currently their customer, partners, or employees. I am not sure when this is going to be live, but something that is in the pipeline for sure.


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  • @kshirsagarsrishty64 

    Awesome question - love the enthusiasm.

    @AashcaJ is absolutely right - you want to check out University Connect. Link is in @AashcaJ response.

    I'm also copying @noelle_murphy and @gracebergeron Depending on where you reside one of these two can help. They are the relationship managers for University Connect. Hopefully, one of them can respond here or to your alias.

    Good luck @kshirsagarsrishty64 - I really hope you pursue your Anaplan learning - great platform, great team!

  • @Misbah 

    The 90 Day program is awesome to be sure and a great way to get started right away. @kshirsagarsrishty64 definitely worth looking into.

    The University Connect is specifically designed for students and in addition to being able to collaborate with other students, it is guided, sometimes with an Anaplan Partner, master anaplanner, like @Misbah, to help facilitate the training. What I like most about University Connect is that it also introduces the student to the Community and starts the networking with other planning practitioners. Great way to start off a career.

    Great suggestion @Misbah, they certainly don't have to be mutually exclusive. You can do both!

  • I appreciate the quick responses from everyone. I was definitely not aware about the 90 day trial program. This will be very useful for me in getting started.

    I have already started with the basic videos that are available in the course catalog. But having the access will give me the hands-on experience with the platform and help me prepare for the certification courses too.


    Thank you @JaredDolich , @Misbah and @AashcaJ for you suggestions and guidance.