Why this Aggregation doesn't Work


Hello Team,


I am facing some error while aggregating value by period(month) in the same module which having period.it works against normal list but not against time dimention


  • Hello @Ankitjain 

    The error you got in not simply a "modeling" error. You angered the engine somehow 😊


    There could be a technical reason for this error that support@anaplan.com could help you with


    There might be an issue with how you are constructing the module, dimensions, and formulas. 
    Could you please provide more details - perhaps the blueprint along with summary methods?

    We can at least there is no modeling issue here before contacting support.

  • Thank Einas,


    Check blueprint view attached.I was simply creating 3 lineitem and aggregating value based on period

  • @Ankitjain,

    I would highlight this as a contradiction statement between SUM and LOOKUP function. Works in a custom dimension though!

    I think when it comes to Time, the system is considering that the relationship is getting stored in the source by itself ie, You should use LOOKUP instead SUM.

    Waiting for the experts to throw their answers. Thanks for bringing such a scenario, Kudos!

  • Misbah



    The reason it is not getting aggregated because there is a time dimension in the module. Every Time Period is treated as a separate block and you can't use SUM across them. I might be wrong in saying so but that is my understanding on it.


    Edit: Here is a snip from one of the finest articles ever written on Anaplan by @Griffink Full article Here


    Now @Ankitjain  if we take a look at your requirement to sum it in the same module. Does that data belong to the time dimension or the period line item, if it belongs to period line item you don't need time dimension, replace it with any list and then you can easily use SUM on period line item but if it belongs to Time dimension then period line becomes irrelevant and you don't need to use SUM at all. You can simply aggregate it using TIMESUM or SELECT on All periods etc etc.


    Hope that helps


  • Thanks Kavin,


    But if i use Lookup then it will not aggregate.

  • Hi @Ankitjain 


    Could you explain to me what you mean by "aggregating by Period"? and how are you trying to do so (formula)?
    Are you looking for the sum value of Data at different periods?