Comparing list items (formula help)


I am trying to see if items I have in one list exist in the other. I have created a module with a boolean line item and my idea was to use the formula = IF ISNOTBLANK(FIND('IN3 Vehicle'.anacode, Total Vehicles.anacode)) THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE to find if the values exist in both list. (If it does appear in both list return true) The list items are formatted as numbers. What formula should I use that can allow me to compare the two list without having to line up the list values?  (note: i am having a hard time using FINDITEM as well because they do not have a hierarchical relationship)


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  • Hi,


    You have to use FINDITEM function and hierarchial relations are not required between the lists to use this function.

    Try this,

    Pic 1.png

    It is not best practise to use all 3 functions in a line item, suggest you to use 2 more additional line items and calculate the NAME, FINDITEM and ISNOTBLANK separately.

    Pic 2.png


    ~Vignesh M

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    Thank you so much for your help!


    When I try to run NAME(ITEM(X)) it returns: "not recognized as a hierarchy in the model. The ITEM function should take a hierarchy as argument"

    How should I fix this?
  • @obernardini ,


    X is the list for the list.  For example, if my list was Cost Centers, it would like like the below: