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Would like to ask if I can lookup a list item which is classify as a parent list? I tried it but it does not work. I got values using lookup if the list classify as child list.


Thank you.


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    Hi DM,


    It appears the DIR COA list is a ragged hierarchical list. In the ragged hierarchy,  lookup works at the child level, not at the parent/summaries. As an alternate for Lookup use Select function.

    Why do you not want to use Select function, Is it a production list?


    ~Vignesh M


  • @DMManalili , Could you share some screenshot of what you are trying with an explanation?

  • I created a staging module to lookup the value.

    first, below is the screenshot of the list.


    second is the system module for the mapping 


    third is the calculation module, I used select function because  I cannot get the values if I used lookup, but I want to use lookup instead.



  • hi VM,


    Noted for this. I was just thinking if its better to use lookup rather than select but I will use select instead.


    Thank  you.