How to add last year and current year



I have monthly data by segment by product family. - Refer to document attached


I would like to build dashboard to display last year, current year and variance column.



Therefore, i build 1 module, source, last year, current year and variance line item



How to input formula to grab data for FY20?

How to input formula to grab data for FY21?


Beside year, i also need half year data


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  • Misbah
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     If you don't want to write the formulae then you have to have Time Scale in your Target module as well ( but at year level) and then refer the data from source module. Even if you do that you will not be able to calculate variance without formulae


    It will be something like this


    But as @einas.ibrahim suggested you simply create a module without Time and use LOOKUP to pull value and then find the delta between the two. Below module FYR



    To your second question if you want to get Half yearly values as well you have to enable that aggregation first in your Time settings and create two additional line items or howsoever you wish to publish those.


    Hope that helps





  • Hi @tz9lawa 


    I’m assuming you have the data in other data modules dimensiones by Time.

    Since you have time as a dimension then you can just add the numeric value you wish to display as a line item and the data for each year will just be available without any special formula. If you add Half Year to the time setting  (if it’s not selected ) then you will automatically have values by half year as well. Target module should have Time Scale of Half Year, this way you will have half and full year. 

    If for a specific reason you really need to have a formula to retrieve data by a specif time, then you can create a System module that has 2 line items, current year and prior year (use a formula to calculate these values)

    in your main module you can reference the current year values by a formula like ...

    source_module.value[LOOKUP:system.current year]

  • tz9lawa

    thank you for your advice.


    Without formula added to last year and current year, how to calculate variances?



  • tz9lawa

    as per advice, i manage to build module to cater current year and prior year data.


    Using subset.

    with this blueprint setting, are we able to use formula to calculate column Volume AUDm and CM/t AUDm?  

     FY21 vs. FY20                  
      Contribution Margin    Volume     CM/t      
      FY21FY20Variance FY21FY20Variance FY21FY20Variance  
    SegmentProduct FamilyAUDmAUDmAUDm% ktktkt%AUDm AUD/tAUD/tAUD/t%AUDm  
    APA2012+8.0+67% 81801+1%+0.14 246149+97+65%+8.4  
     PB1535-20.0-57% 20182+12%+4.12 7672,000-1,233-62%-24.1  
     PC1612+4.0+33% 3941-2-4%-0.45 410296+114+39%+4.5  
    BPA8152+29.0+56% 23220+2%+0.95 3,5752,337+1,238+53%+28.0  
     PB2335-12.0-34% 81801+1%+0.41 283436-153-35%-12.4  
     PC6514+51.0+364% 20182+12%+1.65 3,322800+2,523+315%+49.4  
    CPA8532+53.0+166% 3941-2-4%-1.21 2,180790+1,390+176%+54.2  
     PB1334-21.0-62% 23220+2%+0.62 5741,528-954-62%-21.6  
     PC6552+13.0+25% 81801+1%+0.61 800648+153+24%+12.4  
               Variance Kt * FY20 AUD/T     Volume FY21kt * Variance AUD/t