Breakback and Hold - New UX or otherwise?


Hello, I'm looking to permanently set the Hold on a Breakback cell total so that any weekly percentages entered always total 100% and the user cannot change the total monthly cell. I've attached a video for reference . Essentially, any percentage that a user enters in the week cell should always then calculate out of 100% in the remaining weekly cells . I know that a Hold on a Breakback total is a way to do this but I don't want it solely for one user during one session; Rather, I want this permanent for all users for all sessions (ie, every time they login to enter their values). Is this possible? When I refresh or exit my session, my holds are gone. I see in posts such as the below that it may be possible formulaically, but hoping to leverage the built in functionality first if possible, or perhaps something similar in the NUX?  Thanks!

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  • JaredDolich
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    When using breakback the monthly level will be editable too. But there might be some creative solutions to this.

    • First, is to break up the grid so the monthly values are all uneditable, including the percentage which is a separate line item which simply equals the editable line item. So weekly in the bottom grid, monthly in the top grid. Weeks are sync'd to the month so it's dynamic.
    • I've never tried this but it seems that if you can get a Boolean on the time hierarchy for all levels, week and month, you might be able to use DCA to control read/write. Not sure on this but it seems theoretically possible. Attempting this will require this best-practice post from @Mark_W_Shemaria
    • Go with your intuition which is to handle with formulas. Honestly, this is the EXACT use case in the Level 3 certification. With holds, overrides, and formulas instead of breakback. This gives you much more control over the data validation and the ability to use conditional formatting. And, it's built in functionality which it seems you prefer.

    Let us know what direction you want to go.  We can draw up some examples for you. Not the most practical answer, but I hope you pick #2, actually. That would be fun to solve and see if it's possible. 


  • Misbah
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    See if this helps


    I have created two modules to pull this off but you can always customize it as per your needs


    1. Hold Month  - Below snip



    2. Hold Functionality


    Treat Override as Hold. It will always rearrange the non hold numbers so that the totals do not go beyond 100%