Circular Reference Issue in rank traversal

I have a problem statement where I am trying to do some allocation basis rank traversal

there is fixed quantity Q= 900 which i have to distribute amongst vendors .


e.g if i allocate 100 to V1 basis some logic, then I am calculating remaining quantity for allocation to other vendors V2 where I calculating remaining quantity = Q- cumulate of allocated till now. Here I am facing issue of circular reference. I need to stop traversing whenever remaining for allocation is zero or cumulate of allocated till now equals the fixed quantity Q which we had to distribute.


Many thanks for any suggestions that I may get





  • @srishtinahata 


    Explore RANKCUMULATE function. Or else if you can share some screenshots probably we can help better. Note: this function is heavy on anaplan engine and there is a upper limit on the number of cells.



  • Hi @srishtinahata,


    Try this let me know if it helps





  • Thank you for the prompt response

    requirement is as I traverse the vendors from V1 through V5, I will have remaining quantity calculated as per the allocation and total quantity


    Hence considering your example, V1 allocated 100 , remaining should be 900-100

    Similarly for V2 if allocated is 200, then remaining would be 900-100-200 and so on


    Please suggest if i could give clarity


  • Hi @srishtinahata,


    Please check whether this answers your problem.





  • Hi Srishti,

    Have you tried using RANKCUMULATE?

  • Hi Anirudh

    yes I have tried rankcumulate , however when I am calculating allocated from remaining quantity and remaining from total and allocated quantity is where I am facing circular reference issue

  • @prabhu 


    When I am next trying to calculate allocated from remaining quantity, is when i am facing circular reference issue.

    Here I am trying to allocate remaining quantity to next vendor 




  • @srishtinahata 


    What is it that you are trying to do in your Allocated formula? If I trust my mathematical skills you are having Truck capacity in numerator as well as in denominator which will cancel each other and you ultimately have the same  "Total" or "Remaining" amount


    I think you are trying to allocate the Total numbers based on the truck capacity and then burn it down until it reaches the maximum limit or is there any other calculations that goes into Allocated Line item?


    See if below helps: