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Is there a function to change a list value to a text? I want to use the & operator with list values, but it only accepts text. When I try just using the list-formatted line items, I get the error below, so it seems that if I could convert the list selection into text then I'd be fine: The 'text1' argument for the '&' function should have datatype of TEXT not LIST:ILT Offerings:text1 & text2

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  • Hello,



    I am trying to retrieve the display name from a numbered list and then convert it to text (i.e., keep my new line item as a Text Field).


    Do you, or does anyone, know how to accomplish this?


    Additional Context

    • My numbered list is comprised of employee IDs
    • The Display names are the actual employee names. This is what I need appearing in a module where I am creating a text field.

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  • @Chmacpherson 


    Question, why are you wanting a text field when Text is less performant than a list formatted line item?  Based on what you are stating, the Display Name is list formatted (which is the correct way of doing this) and I assume it is linked to an Employee Flat list of some kind.  If that is the case, I would also assume the Employee Flat Display Name is text formatted.  So, the formula would be:


    employee Flat.Display Name[lookup: this list.Display Name] where "this list" is the list with a display name that is list formatted.


    But again, try to stay away from Text.


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  • Hey Rob,


    Thank you for your speedy reply and apologies for my delay.


    You raise a great point. I was heading down an unrealistic path, so this point helped me reframe what the issue was and approach it from a different angle.


    Many thanks,