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I am trying to build out a module that will have a saved view filtered on if a user has "Has Bug Re-Opened?"  = TRUE. I've attached a screenshot of what my MAILTO function looks like along with the other line items to validate that it has been set up correctly. 


If my understanding is correct, line item "EMAIL: Has Bug Reopened?" should be underlined and when I click on it an email tab should open up. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen; no pop-up appears. Another screenshot attached.


Any clue as to why this isn't working? For reference, I am using google chrome. 

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  • Misbah
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    It means that outlook is not the default option for your browser.


    If you are on Windows go to 

    Windows Settings->Apps->Default Apps-> Email. Change to Outlook


    Hope that helps 



  • Hi Robin,

    Syntax looks correct, so not sure why it's not working

    Can you replace the CC and BCC in the formula with this:
    MAILTO("TEXT", Email, "", "", 'TEXT', 'TEXT')
    ie. remove the CC and BCC reference

  • @RobinSilk 


    Can you check the format of your line item? Have you kept it Text->Mail or Text-> General, looks like you have kept it Text-> General. If so, change it to Text->Mail


    Hope that helps


  • Hey, tried this and no difference in process. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  • Hi @RobinSilk ,


    Please check your line items again

    • Click to Send Reopened Bug Email should be Text-formatted line item with text type as general expression
    • Email Address line item should be Text-formatted line item with text type as Email 
    • CC and BCC line item should be Text-formatted line item with text type as Email 
    • Subject and Body line items should be Text-formatted line item with text type as general

    ~ Jitendra

  • Hey, thanks for this suggestion. I changed to Email text type and now when I click the link a pop-up appears briefly, then closes. No email for me to send. Attached a short recording of this issue.

  • Robin,

    As Jithendra pointed out, are the User email, CC and BCC formatted as Email instead of general text?
  • Hi @RobinSilk ,


    Seems your pop-ups for Anaplan site are disabled in google chrome. Enable them and try again.


    ~ Jitendra

  • I have made sure this is the case for my setup and it is still not working. I posted a video in a response higher up in the thread to illustrate this. My pop-up settings allow Anaplan (screenshot attached).

  • Please see attached for settings. These were already all allowed; perhaps there is another to add?

  • I think this worked! Thanks so much!

  • Hi There,


    We ran into a similar issue where mailto was not working in Chrome for PC, but appeared to be working in the MAC.  I work on a PC the original Model Builder was on MAC.


    There were two issues I found


    1) CC and BCC fields formatted to Text/Mailto but were empty.  I changed this to text and hardcoded to ""

    2) Body of the email had either extra special characters or too many characters...this was done to try and create line breaks in the body.  Special character seemed to be working on the MAC.  I removed the extra spaces / special characters and this resolved this issue.


    I did a argument by argument debug of this so I am pretty confident that these were apparent issues.