List of actions inside a process


Is it possible, through Anaplan Connect or using the APIs, to list all the actions added within a process.

e.g. Let's say I have process name 'Main_Process' and this process executes 3 actions :
i. ClearList
ii. LoadList_XL
iii. LoadModule_XM


Is there a way I can use API or Anaplan Connect to list all the actions (all 3 listed above). 

I am using the process api to list the process, but not able to figure out how to identify what all actions are being run within an process .


  • Misbah



    In your scripts just use the command -Process instead of -imports. Anaplan Connect will sequentially run all the import actions that are within the process

  • anirudh

    Hi @kauldheeraj 


    First you have to run the process and receive the task ID of the process


    Then try this request



    curl -X GET / \
    -H 'authorization: AnaplanAuthToken {anaplan_auth_token}' \
    -H "Content-Type:application/json"


    Replace the task ID and process ID above

    This will return a json, check the objectId under nestedresults of the json to view the tasks under the process. The objectId will be the taskIDs and not the names of the actions.


    Example: i. ClearList may show up as 112000000001


    Here is my process.json with 9 actions and the objectId exposed for 1 action




    Let me know if you need more help


    (Source: From the apiary docs)





  • Thanks @anirudh and @Misbah 

    I am trying to collect all the process information, without the need of having to run those processes, in order to get the metadata of all my processes. Is there a way to get those 3 actions within a process, without having to run the process itself. 

    We can use the APIs to list all the processes, but not the actions within the processes, without running the process. 

  • @kauldheeraj ,


    I don't believe you are able to do that from the API...Now, within Anaplan with WSA (Workspace Admin), you can simply "edit" the process to see which actions are there.



  • Thanks @rob_marshall  It will be really handy if we get to that level of detail or if Hyperscale dashboards provide (or already providing) that level of information with a drill-down to the actions. It will give a clean view and way of doing clean-ups on the models more frequently. 

    Thanks all for responding.

  • @kauldheeraj ,


    Agreed...You can always enter that suggestion on Idea Exchange, I believe it would be a good one.  Also, from within Anaplan, you can see if the action is within a process.





    Hope this helps,



  • For now, my workaround was to create an export of the view that @rob_marshall posted below, and work with it.