Finally HyperModel is Here!!


Finally Great News! HyperModel is here and will be available in August.Forget about 130 now and scale up seamlessly. Read more 


Anaplan HyperModel: Model complex problems at scal... - Anaplan Community


Anaplan is so obsessed with the Word "Hyper":)



  • You should say Hyper News !

  • Misbah



    Nice One🤣

  • anirudh

    Great news indeed!


    Is that an insane 96.6 billion cells?!



  • Misbah



    Yes, we are talking about more than half a TB of a model & WS. I think the cap will be around 700 as of now. 

  • @Misbah 

    Do you know if there's an additional license required to get the HyperModel?

  • Misbah



    I am not sure how are they handling that part. It is very sensitive:P

  • @JaredDolich ,


    I don't believe it is a different license, but it does cost more.  If you have questions, it would be best to reach out to your BP or AE to get the exact amount.  I will say this, while this is incredible news, it will put more emphasis on building the models correctly and according to best practices as bad architecture will penalize you even more.



  • Misbah



    Exactly!! Now Models need to be built as per Planual more than ever. Anaplan might have removed the cap of 130 Gigs but a lot of onus now shifts to the model design and model building.

    Exciting Times and a great Win for Anaplan👍