Data from With time to No time Dimension


How can i pull a data from a module with time dimension to target module with no time dimension using a finditem mapping made in the source data?


To illustrate, my total sales of 1,000,000 was divided into 3 months(using a time dimension) using a condition that turns the distribution this way:


Jan 20 - 3,000,0000

Feb 20 - 2,000,000

Mar 20 - 5,000,000


I will need to draw this amount using a new list(Month 1, Month 2, Month 3)  in replacement of the time dimension(all other dimensions retained) to arrive to this:

Month 1 - 3,000,000

Month 2 - 2,000,000

Month 3 - 5,000,000


Appreciate if you can assist me on this.


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  • Misbah
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    Believe it is for reporting purposes. Let me break it into steps for you


    Step 1: Create a Mapping module dimensioned by Custom Time and insert one line item formatted as Native Time Period

    Step 2: Map it manually by selecting Month 1 against Jan, Month 2 against Feb and so on and so forth

    Step 3 : Go to Target module and use the LOOKUP in your formula such as

    Source Module. Data Line item[Lookup: Mapping module. Line item]

    Note: If your custom list resets after Month 12 (from Month 12 to Month 1 Next year ) then you may need to write a logic in your mapping module instead of doing it manually which will map it months of current year.


    Hope this helps



  • @elaine.novel ,


    Not sure why you want to do this, but if you have to, create a mapping module (dimensionalized by Time) which maps the Time months to your new custom list of Months (list formatted). 


    Hope this helps,



  • Thank you Misbah and Rob.. 

  • @Misbah @elaine.novel @muizzsk9890 


    My source module is in number-formatted & mapping (system) module is in list formatted. how can we apply LOOKUP function to achieve this. as you said I followed the steps that you mentioned but step 3 is not working.