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How to call out previous data from numbered list similar to previous if time bounded? Please see attached reference file.




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  • prabhu
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    Hi @elaine.novel,


    Yes it is possible if you have sequence of code values in your numbered list.


    for eg: #1 has a code  001 or PG01              (number or ALPHA Numeric)

                #2 has a code 002 or PG02

                #3 has a code 003 or PG03


    These have sequence of code.


    So in this case 

    Create a line item and use value function to convert to number

    for example: #1 has a code 001

    Code will always be text so i am converting to number value(code)


    Eg: #1 has code PG01

    use right function to get the number position

    right(code, 2) => output will be 01

    Convert to number value(right)


    Finally write a condition stating

    if #1 then blank

    else finditem(numbered list, text(value-1))             => it works for Code 001



    if #1 then blank

    else finditem(numbered list, left(code,2) & text(value-1))    => it works for Code PG01




  • @elaine.novel 


    If you want to get the previous value of non time modules then there is only one way of doing so which is mapping module


    Create a module dimensioned by the list and insert one line item formatted as the same list and then do the mapping. Mapping should be done in such a way that Second item gets mapped to first item

    For example:

    A - Blank

    B - A

    C - B
    D - C

    Once you are done with the mapping then you can use Lookup in your formula to get the previous value of the same list


    Hope this helps


  • Is there a way i can have it calculated instead of manual mapping. I did the manual mapping and it works fine. but i am finding a way for me not to do the mapping manually.


    Thanks again,