How to sum with filtering data


I have some data as per below table.

Revenue Country New biz Jan Feb
Rev a China Y    3,000.00    3,000.00
Rev b Hong Kong N    2,000.00    3,000.00
Rev c China N    4,000.00    5,000.00
Rev d Hong Kong N    2,000.00    4,000.00

I would like to sum the revenue by country and month as well as filter out the new biz = Y. Answer: China: Jan revenue = 4000 and Feb = 5000 Hong Kong: Jan revenue = 4000 and Feb = 7000 Would appreciate your advice how to do the formula so that module is able to compute the revenue as per above answer.Thanks.

Best Answer

  • cecilia_peterss
    Hi Chew,

    Here's a suggestion. General Lists in rows are Revenue, Country and New Biz. For illustration purpose I have Line Items in columns but you'd probably want to have them on page instead to display only Rev Tot Old Biz.