Returning the Date of when a contract starts


I have contracts with revenue and expenses by dates (differing start and end dates) in a module (Start date ="1", the second period ="2", so on until it ends of reached end of time periods). I'm building a dashboard which reports the start and end date of each contract, and then allows a user to input a revised start/end date to push it out or shorten it. 


I'm struggling with returning the date of contract start and the contract end from that module for a quick reference of the end-user. I'm working into an approach of: Contracts.(Time Period)[LOOKUP: ContractStarts.FirstPeriod] (Where first period is "1"). However, I can't seem to return the date in my dashboard module and my Anaplan searches return me to the same two articles.






Unfortunately, all my searches keep returning me to the same Anapedia Formula instruction and one other thread which is vague. 

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  • rob_marshall

    @rhightower ,


    Hopefully this will work...Create two new line items, one for start date and one for end date.  For Start Date Real, make the summary First Non Blank and for End Date Real, Last Non Blank with both formats being Time.  Enable Time for All Periods in the settings.  The formula for both Start Date Real and End Date Real would be if isnotblank(Start Date) then item(time) else blank.  Now you can get those dates using Start Date Real:[Select: Time.'All Periods] and Ebd Date Real:[Select: Time.'All Periods],


    Hope this helps,




  • Hi, 

    Could you share some screenshots to get an idea?


  • Thanks, Rob. I keep thinking of Anaplan like Excel, and trying to retrieve data with index(match). Still working my way to align formulas with Anaplan structure. The All periods makes sense.