July 2020 Release Updates


Did you check out the latest features released in July 2020? Here is the link for full updates and a sneak peek at July Release and Sneak Peek at August

Some of the features that look amazing are

1.Ability to Resize Field Cards: This allows larger input boxes for users to enter commentary or summaries and multi-line functionality. This option needs to be enabled from Page designer mode because it is disabled by default. Maximum number of lines as of now has been kept as 15.


2.Totals Position:  This feature can be seen on top right corner of the grids in page designer mode. You have all the 4 options that were available in Classic UX


3.Maximize Card: You can enlarge the card to the full screen. Double arrows on top right corner of the card.


4.Notifications: Send customized notifications to indicate specific user actions with the notify action. This feature is available in both Worksheet actions and Board Actions


5. Gantt Charts: One more chart added to the Chart Collection of NUX


6. Chart Labels Sizing: Now you can increase the Chart labels from Default to Large. Only one Option given as of now


7. Conditional Formatting on Scatter/Bubble Charts:  Based on the rule you can change the color of your bubbles in the chart. This rule has to be done /made in underlying module

8. Model Loading Message: You will be greeted with the message if you are opening a page/underlying model for the first time


9. Export Assignments from Tenant Admin Console: You can see this option on top right screen while navigating to Access Controls-> Assignments


10. More Features on Visitors Page of Tenant Admin Console: Now Tenant Admins can see if any Visitor has any Workspace admin role along with Page builder role. You can also see the workspace that the visitor has access to.