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Hi, I am currently working on creating a P/L where we multiply a item by a certain percentage. To get this percentage, I had to create a another module and use past actual data to arrive at the %.


The issue is now In my module of calculating the % . FY19 is the percentage I need to bring over to my P/L but everything I have tried doesnt seem to be able to bring in only FY19 %

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  • anirudh
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    Glad that it worked!!

    To remove hardcoding is acually very easy. Just create a module with no dimensions and a line item for the year selection (Format : Year) then edit your formula to say:

    'Module 2'.Percentage line item[Lookup: Module.Year selection]

    Then set the line item manually to FY19



  • @ciara 


    Usually we use OFFSET function to pull past years value but if you can post a snapshot of your module we shall be in a better position to help you



  • Hi ciara,

    Are you trying to refer the year value from a module dimensioned with months?
    Try this:
    'Module 2'.Percentage line item[SELECT: Time.'FY 19']
    It's best practice to avoid hardcoding formulas with select function, but let me know if this works first and we can remove the hardcoding later

  • Thank you so much, While its not ideal to hardcode FY19, its better then not having the correct %. Thanks 🙂