Formula assistance! SUM?



Still relatively new to Anaplan, but need formula assistance. 
I have created an input module for users to input data for a region with list attributes of internal/external and discretionary/non discretionary. 


Then created a GBP conversion module:


I'm now on an output module, but I can't seem to sum on the internal/external or discr/non-disc?


Can someone please assist?



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  • Misbah
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    That's because of the subsidiary views.Take these two line items out of the module and create a module of their own without Time dimension and it will work fine,


    Are you saying that every product/transaction/time intersection is unique and needs input on a quarterly basis? If that is the case then you need to get rid of Time dimension in your Source Module and use Time Period formatted Line items and then use SUM on that line item.




  • Hi @CommunityMember113484,

    you need to add Top Level to your lists, that is very simple and can be done quickly.


    1. Go to the lists

    2. Find your lists and just input Top Level

    top level.jpg

  • @CommunityMember113484 


    I think it might be because of Timescale. SUM function will not work when there is Time Scale as a dimension in Source Module



  • Can you explain a bit further on this? My input/conversion modules are quarterly and my output module is yearly?
  • Just tried this and didn't seem to work - it might be the time scale another user has suggested?

  • @CommunityMember113484,

    sorry, I think I misunderstood your question. Still waking up on monday morning 🙂


    I can't see any time dimension in your output module, I think you should add this dimension? Whether it is Q or Y time scale, based on your needs. 

  • Ha! no problem - we all are!
    Well my input and calculation modules are based on quarters and my output module is year? I didn't think this was the issue as it seemed to be pulling all quarters' data into the totals?
  • Is it? I cannot see the year on your last screenshot. This might cause the troubles.


    In principle if you have your Year, that should go well as you indicated (based on Summary settings). 

  • @CommunityMember113484 


    SUM function doesn't work when your mapping has a timescale as a dimension. Here you are mapping on Agents and Discretionary. Both of these have Time as a dimension.


    In order for this to work just remove the dimensionality of your Agents and Discretionary -Ideally they shouldn't change with time and then use the SUM formula. See if below helps


    Source Module:




    Target Module:



    To your question: Every time period sits in its own block and SUM doesn't work on Interblock Transactions. That's the simplest I can put it as.


    Hope that helps


  • Hi,

    Thanks for taking the time to explain this. I've removed the timescale on agents and disc/non disc, however, it means when individuals input info on a quarterly basis, they are not able to select these options? so the sum on these attributes doesn't quite work.  Is there another workaround to this?



  • it's the second one - so input will change quarterly. 

    I've changed the input modules back to quarters and did the same with the output module, and this seems to have worked?!

    Thanks for your help again!