New UX error log for process incomplete


Is it correct that the process error log in NUX is not able to display the complete list of errors detected? I tried running a big process (57 actions incl. 6 flat file imports) in the NUX which works fine in the old UX. The process also completes correctly and with the right result, but I cannot seem to open or save the complete error log as I can in the old UX. E.g. it looks like the error log I can save only includes the first import error observed and with 50,000 rows, but everything else is missing.

Also, I find it more difficult to see the progress as the status does not mention which action is currently being processed as in the old UX - any way to display this? Alternatively, we will have to look into the progress bar module mentioned in another thread.



  • @hgrosen 


    I believe this was an enhancement made last month by Anaplan . Link for other feature updates



  • @Misbah 

    The feature you mention works fine. List of actions in process is collapsed by default and can be opened up - both before to see the actions covered in the process but also afterwards to see the specific number of observations for each action which were updated, ignored etc.

    However, this does not show examples of the errors occurring in the different actions and when saving the detailed log as a local file, the immediate layout is similar to error log saved in the old UX. But the content of the local file only covers 50000 lines and for one action only. In the old UX, I can save a detailed error log with up to 50000 lines for each action in the process.

    Is there a way to see or save the details behind the errors for all the actions in the process without having to run each action separately?