variance for different line items




Operational Plan


Capex Lifecycle




Expex Lifecycle




Feasex Lifecycle




Opex Lifecycle




TotalExp Lifecycle





How to bring data from different module for all the line items, Please hel

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  • einas.ibrahim


    Check this out and see if it helps.

    You have to have the version dimension in all of your 4 modules 




    This is the blueprint for your reference


    Please note the following:

    • All 3 source modules have the SKU and Version dimensions
    • The combined module has the same 2 dimensions in addition to the Line Item Subset LiSs


  • Hi Aditya,

    Can you share what the LE and operational plan modules look like and I can give you the correct formula

  • Hello @Aditya1993 


    If I understand you correctly, you have the individual items in “column 1” such as Capex lifecycle, Opex lifecycle,...

    calculated in different separate module and you want to display these particular line items in one module as report, for example.


    if that’s the case, then the answer is Line Item subsets 

    you have to create a line item subset (list) that contains all the line items you want to group from the different modules, then use this newly created list as the dimension for your output/reporting module. 

    it wasn’t clear to from your question, What is it you need regarding the variance. 

    if this is not what you need or you need help with Line Items Subsets, please let me know.

  • Hi Anirudh,

     Thank you for responding.


    LE and Operational Plan are the 2 version I have in my module. See below

    I Need this data in my Variance analysis model where I have created the line item subset for capex, opex, Expex and Feasex and the problem is collect() formula is not working.variance.PNG

  • Thank you Einas for responding,


    I have created the Line item subset but what formula I should use to bring the values from the original module as collect() is not working.

    and for your information LE and Operational plan are the 2 version I have


  • @Aditya1993 

    I assume the source modules where these line items are calculated, is also dimensioned by version, correct? 

  • @einas.ibrahim 


    Yes, source module have version as one dimension.

  • If that's the case, then COLLECT() should work. There isn't any other functions to use with LiSs.
    Can you share your blueprint or any data that would allow me to look into the issue?

  • @einas.ibrahim 


    I have 2 issue if I have versions in the target modules the for both the line item i'm getting the same data for both the line item as it depend on the version dimension and if I don't apply the version dimension then the value is 0Capture4.PNG