Summary in a hierarchical list

Hi all,


I have a module that returns the number of people per project, with a hierarchical list in the dimension.
In the "summary" I have the sum of the people who worked per iteration each time : 

For example: 

Iteration 1 = 1 person
Iteration 2 = 1 person

Sum of project 1 = 2 people while it's the same person. I can't fix it. I wish to have in short only 1 person, the one who worked.


Do you know how I can fix this?




  • Hi @soukainawaraki 

    If you provide a screenshot or any sort of visual presentation, it'll help us better understand the issue.


    However, based on what you said, I suggest checking the ISFIRSTOCCURANCE() function. It'll allow you to only count a person once when (s)he appears for the first time and ignore all subsequent appearances.

  • @soukainawaraki 


    You may want to change the Summary of the line item to Min, Max or Average. I believe if every leaf item is having 1 headcount you can use these options to get 1 at the Summary level.


    If that doesn't help please post screenshot of your module so that we can help better



  • Hello, 


    On this view, I have 3 people on sprint 1 for example etc.


    The sum in "summary" returns me 35 but I don't have 35 people. I have the same people working on sprints, I only want the number of people who have worked. I hope I'm clear on this... 





  • That’s why you use something like ISFIRSTOCCURANCE() to eliminate duplicates. 

  • @soukainawaraki 


    What do you want to see in the totals? If it is 3 then use MIN if 4 then use MAX in summary settings in blueprint mode.