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Can anyone advise me how subsidiary views works?


I have 2 modules & both of them have different dimensions

Module 1 - Has a composite list as a dimension (Account>Product)

Module 2 - Standard list as a dimension (Account)* has country details


I want to pull Country details from module 2 to module 1, but I'm unable to do so because of different dimensions. Can subsidiary views works in this case?

Module 1


Module 2







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  • Misbah
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    Subsidiary views are where one or all of the dimensions do not match with the default dimension of your module. 


    In your case it is not subsidiary view that will help but understanding the usage of LOOKUP functionality.

    since Account>Product, Account is the top level and is defined at Country level you can easily pull the Country Value from Module 2 to Module 1 which is dimensioned by Accounts


    Step 1: Just create one line item in Module 1

    Formula = Parent(item('Account>Products'))

    Step 2: Write a formula in Country Line item

    Formula = Module 2.Country[LOOKUP: Line item 1]


    Hope that helps