SUM Rows and not the Summary


Hello Everyone, I am new to Anaplan and I was wondering if there is a way to sum rows but not the Summary of them. For example in the module, in the rows I have the Employees List and in the Columns I have the Line Items and under these the Business Units Abbreviation List. In the Business Units Allocation Line Item it gives percentages for each Business Units and each Employee in the Total Column under Business Unit Allocation. I want the Total percentage of Business Units Allocation for each row (ie for each emploee) and not for the Summary (ie Management, Technology, Services, etc) that each Employee belongs to. Is there a way to do that? Any suggestions welcomed! Regards, Christina


  • Hi Christina,

    Yes, Anaplan does this by default - it works like Excel's SUBTOTAL() function. Try setting your formulae up without worrying about the summaries and see if it works - you should find the summaries are automatically excluded.

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