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Is there a way to clean all data from different modules at one go? Is there a script or command which needs to be followed?




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  • einas.ibrahim


    @CommunityMember111277, I am assuming after reading the replies that you mean "clear" the date more than "clean" the data because cleaning the data is a completely different subject and it means different things for a different model, modules,....etc


    While the method mentioned by @michael.chefer  - deleting the lists items which in turn will delete all data in modules dimensioned by these lists - will certainly clear the modules you have to think about that from the following perspectives:

    • You still have to create as many actions as you have lists.
    • You will have to create delete module for each list with the Selection Boolean, (or at least add boolean line items to existing modules)
    • You have to create actions to rebuild these lists

    Compare that to the option suggested by @nathan_rudman 

    • You have to copy each module you want to clear
    • Change data types to No Data
    • Import

    In addition to the ease of/time required to implement each solution consider the following drawback of using the Delete Lists method:

    • It is not best practice to delete lists and then create them again. This negatively affects the performance, causes logs to be created, and depending on the size of the list could trigger an intermediate save. All factors affecting performance
    • When using this method it's all or nothing. meaning, if you have 2 modules dimensioned by the same list, you can't clear one module but not the other. The delete will affect all modules dimensioned by the list
    • I don't know if that's your case, but you might want to clear some line items but not the other, the import No Data method will allow you to have control over which line items to clear.
    • If using ALM, you won't be able to do delete non-production lists . 

    While both methods will get you what you are looking for in the end, I highly recommend that you use best practice and use the "Import No Data" method.


    Good Luck


  • It depends the context: a one time thing or a functionalities used by user recurrently ?


    one time thing:

    - clear one of the list that is driving the module

    - set the line items to no data and back to their original format



    - you need a module with similar dimensions and a line item in "No Data" format. You can then import from that module into the oe you want to clear. Publish that as an action and make it available to users




  • For the one time thing - if we have multiple line items, then it might take time to clear & undo them. Also, if we have multiple modules to clear, then it might take more time

    For recurrent - Again, its limited to 1 module at a time. If you need to clear multiple modules then you have to create multiple dummy modules with No Data which will increase time & effort.

    I'm looking for a way where one can delete data from multiple modules at one go with one command/script/formula etc.





    You can create multiple delete actions to delete list items fro different modules(see the link below). Then create a process with the delete actions and run the action to delete all the items all at one time.