Level 2 Model builder Sprint 1- SYS05 Region Details module:




while creating this I found out that we have to use PARENT formula to reference the data. I have been trying it but no success.

Can anyone help me?


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  • Hi Sweta,


    Can you please post screenshots so that we can understand better


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  • @sguptatalkingrain ,


    PARENT formula output format matches the data format used in the formula as argument. For example, if you are expecting an output as Region List in the line item, the format of the line item in which you are using the PARENT formula should be Region List. So if you are looking for Country parent then you can use ITEM formula as argument to get Region list output.


    Hope this helps




  • sguptatalkingrain_0-1597602248316.png

    I am trying to put parent function here but it gives me error.


    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? As in activity it is asking to put item which identify code and Parent as reference




  • Also am I doing something wrong here?



  • @sguptatalkingrain Unfortunately as per training guidelines and rules, no one is suppose be providing solutions on training queries.

    Having said that, I would suggest, you make sure you follow the training material and videos. Also name your modules, line items, actions as suggested in training material. This would help you in completing the training.



  • Thanks for suggestions. I am able to solve it.