Run an Import process via postman


Hello Experts ,


I'm new to Anaplan and currently exploring the Rest API's .

I'm doing a POC on the below requirement .


The requirement is to send a csv file from a SAP system to ANAPLAN using an Import action (Expectation is the details of the csv file gets updated in the import table in ANAPLAN) .

Below steps have been performed by us .


1. There is process created in ANAPLAN by anaplan team and have provided me with the process ID & There is an Import action within the process .

2. I'm trying to run the process via postman(which inturn runs the import in my understanding) and I get the error below as a response 

"Property-based import has one of the key properties unmapped - cannot proceed"


This seems to be a data error to me .

But my question here is , when doing a POST command to run the process , the body needs to be maintained as {"localeName": "en_US"} .

If this is the body , how do I pass my actual csv that needs to be imported ?

Should I add the csv content as well with the above? Or should I send it seperately ?


Any leads will be highly appreciated .


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  • Hi,


    for upload a file is better a curl through Python, but this is also possible by postman sending the file in the body:






  • @Nitheesh 

    I agree with @ABerenguela .

    The good news is that you can use Postman to generate the curl or the Python code for you and 20 other programming languages. While using Postman solves an immediate need, a longer term solution with AnaplanConnect (Shell Scripts) or Python would be better. I have found it very difficult to knowledge transfer support of Postman to others, as Postman seems to be more of an API testing tool. Not really meant for production ready automation. Ideally, your client would use an ETL tool like Informatica, Mulesoft, or Dell Boomi, each has a built-in connector to Anaplan. From there, you can regularly schedule your script to run.