Unicorn Candy Company - Territory assignment to account


Hi Chris,


Pertaining to the territory assignment, currently we have weight based on 2 factors, could you provide some additional description of these factors:


1. Revenue (Potential/ Actual based on final target value): Is this based on the Sales reps present in each territory and their previous experience and capacity in terms of a $ value? Can we quantify the Small/Medium/Large segmentation in $ value?

2. Support Requirement(Small/Medium/Large Segmentation): Can we assume a numerical quantification to assign the level of support required as Small = 1, Medium = 2, Large =5, where we can determine that 3 small accounts require as much support that 1 Large account would? Could you provide further description of the level of support by account segment?


3. I am also assuming that the territory in your company is based on the Geographical territory within each country and that you would be providing the data file, based on discussion with questions asked by other builders, is that a fair assumption?


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  • Thanks Jared, I am going through the use case and trying to clarify if we need to consider these nuances. I appreciate your response, will keep the build simple for now.