Excel add ins


How can i extensively use this? Im new to anaplan and trying to understand functionality of excel add ins in anaplan. We are developing dasboards in the system and would like to get those data out then to an excel output and how is this different with excel add ins?





  • hello @FayePrima18 


    I assume this question is related to the one you asked here.


    Excel Ad-in allows you to create a live connection between your Anaplan model and an Excel sheet/workbook. You can have 2 types of connections:

    1. Read Only: You can't update Anaplan with changes made in Excel
    2. Read/Write: You can push changes from the connected Excel back to the module.

    You still have to display each module /saved view in a separate worksheet.


    If you want to brainstorm how to provide the end-user with the functionality he/she wishes to perform in Excel, let us know. 

  • @FayePrima18 

    I would just add to @einas.ibrahim excellent answer by letting you know that V4.0 is about to be released. I addition you can read @MagaliP extensible use-cases on the Anaplan extension landing page. I would also highly recommend @MagaliP terrific best-practice article on how to use the Excel Add-In.

    As for me, I will use the Excel Add-In for two primary use cases.

    1. I can not make the report look the way my end user wants it in Classic or New UX. Although, this is getting rarer.
    2. I need to iterate on the data with VBA and send it back with some type of transformation, like store clustering or customer segmentation.
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