Label Placement Options for UX Objects


Currently a Graph, Chart or Grid with label/selector options shown defaults to displaying these at the bottom of the object.

I have received customer feedback that this should be flexible as they would like this to be shown at the top of the object to immediately draw users attention to the context of that specific object.

This ability to show labels at various (top/bottom/right/left) within a chart/grid is key to how the customer would like users to interact with dashboard, particularly in the case where not all objects are synched wit the Page Selectors.

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  • I would greatly be in support of this!! The context selectors should be able to have more flexibility where they are placed. I have had numerous situations where end users do not notice the page selector at all, or it is less intuitive to them how it relates to the card because of it's placement at the bottom. 


    I have heard that they were initially not placed in line with the title of the card itself due to spacing concerns, but at the very least it could go directly underneath the title, with no impact on the total space left for the chart/grid itself: 





    And I think being able to select right side or left side would also be useful. Maybe once any Context Selector was set to either 'Label' or 'Selector', then a 'Context Position' selector would appear - with 'Bottom' and 'Top' for sure, and if possible also 'Left' and 'Right' options: 




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