List-formatted line items as Conditional Formatting base


As a Model Builder, I want to use list-formatted line items as Conditional Formatting base (currently Conditional Formatting can be based only on number-formatted line items), so I don't have to create extra line item to use CF.


Developer should be able to pick line item formatted as list  as a base and define the colours used for each item, and colour used for BLANK cells. I know that it won't be really useful for big lists (or production lists, maybe you shouldn't be able to pick production list there), but for small lists it would greatly improve speed of development (no need to create extra line item and write formula like "IF Input=Item1 THEN 0 ELSE IF Input=Item2 THEN 1 ELSE ..."), space used for CF (you don't need additional line items) and it would be easier to maintain and understand such CF. It would also allow to assign different sets of colours for one line item - currently we are not able to set colours blue/cyan and green for the same line item (or white+yellow+green and many other useful variations).

It would be extremely useful (mainly, but not only) for lists like "RAG status", "Workflow status" ..., and for lists when empty field should be flagged. This option would be even useful, if source and base of CF are the same, but it would be great to be able to format other line items basing on the list-formatted line item.

Additionally, in most cases this list should be coloured in the same way for whole model. So as an option, developer could colour "Name" of each item on such list, and this would have global impact.

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  • Nice idea @M.Kierepka !

  • Great idea @M.Kierepka. Even being able to write a formula for conditional formatting (whether it be numerical or text formatted) on a pre-existing line item would be helpful.

  • Good thinking Miłosz 🙂


    I know at least of 1 model that could use that simple logic ... if is blank then highlight the cell.


    There are lots of other line item formats that could use same logic, so lots of small wins with 1 enhancement 🙂



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