Any equivalent to the Excel TODAY() function in Anaplan??


Need to establish the number of days between a given future date and today's date.  It's currently a pre-requisite for a set of business rules to kick in.  Haven't had any luck in finding a DATE function that I can use.

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    [quote=Dino Sanchez]Has anyone figured out how to do this? I currentyl am doing work for a client and they need to count their daily interest rate versus their maturity date. Still have not figured out how I can do this, having a today() function helps me do this.[/quote]I have setup an assumptions module with an item "Today's date" with date being the format. I have linked formulas to that item and on a dashboard I manually change the date, when I need reports. Not ideal but works.

    When I get around to learning/investigating Anaplan connect, I would either use a database system date or an excel file with Today() in it, auto update the above table at 00:01, each day.  If someone does this automation, please post back.

    Hope that is of assistance.