Fetching information from module in Anaplan


Hi All,


I have a contract master module dimensioned by Contract. Each contract based on Vendor, Customer, Brand. I do not want make these 3 as dimensions as it would be a big sized module. 

In the target module, which is dimensioned by Customer --> the user should select Org 2, Brand details and End Date for the contract should be auto populated. 













  • Hello @gaurav_sharma-bng 


    What if there are more than 1 contract for a customer, what is the criteria for selecting a unique contract per customer?






  • The combination of Customer, Vendor and Brand would be unique
  • @gaurav_sharma-bng 


    What is the expectation when you select Customer A? As you say the combination of three makes it unique meaning there can be same customer in multiple rows. I believe thats what @ArunManickam also meant to ask.

    For example For a contract there is 

    Customer A Vendor 1 Brand 1 

    Customer A Vendor 1 Brand 2

    Is this the valid combo? If yes then what brand info do you want to pull.