Jump to specific page based on list property (similar to 'dashboard driver' in Classic UX)


Classic UX has the very useful feature where the 'Open Dashboard' action can be configured to point at different dashboards depending on a property in the Driver list.  It would be massively useful to migrate this to 'New' UX, so that the 'Link to a page' setting could be similarly configured to point at different Pages depending on list context.

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  • Completely agree - this should be a feature in the NUX as well.

  • Joanne

    Agreed - we're transitioning our classic dashboards to NUX and this is one of the key functions that is still missing.  Without it our end users have to know exactly what they are looking for in a long list of pages rather than just selecting an item from the list.  We don't use it often but where we do it is an important user function.

  • Yes. Completely Agreed. This feature should be included in NUX.

  • Completely Agreed. 

  • Completely Agreed. This feature should be included in NUX as well.

  • Correct. Such a functionality would be helpful.

  • Agreed. This functionality is very useful for some customer models.

  • Status changed to: In Review

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