Cross referencing List values in module through Lookup?




I have list C_L4 costing materials containing material under multiple org- profit centers 



Material: 136699 Profit Center: 100050: Sales Org: 2020-  C_L4 Code: 136699_100050_2020

Material: 136699 Profit Center: 200050: Sales Org: 3030- C_L4 Code: 136699_200050_3030. 


(Cost attributes are being calculated from source system into sales org 2020. Sales Org 3030 in source system just "copies" the calculation value- but when imported into Anaplan no cost attribute exists) 


I have costing module dimensioned by - versions/time/C_L4 material. 


What I want to do is flag any material with sales org 3030 (i've gotten this far using a boolean value in the costing module) and have that material repoint to the matching C_L4 Code as above. 


C_L4 Code: 136699_100050_2020 pointed to packaging cost in separate module 

C_L4 Code: 136699_200050_3030 - Flagged by boolean- repoints to C_L4 code: 136699_100050_2020 value for packaging cost. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated by our client! 




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  • Kanishq17
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    hi @Jojo88 

    You can create an additional line item list formatted to the C4 list, and map the 3030 line item to the 2020 item and map rest as is, then in target module, do sum based on that line item



  • Many Thanks @Kanishq17 I was able to achieve this by creating a transfer module- splitting the code apart- line item for each code, recreating the code with new mapping and then using a FINDITEM to match the new 3030 values to the existing 3030 code in CL4- then using SUM to pull value into target module. 

    Appreciate your help!