Mailto function multiple line body


in regard to the mailto anapedia, how to have the body of the email to have multiple lines? i.e. how to make %0D%0A work in to the mailto formula?


  • Hi Jen,

    Perhaps instead of using multiple Line Items for your Body, can you create a concatenated Line Item which is a formula merging all your Body Line Items into one Line Item, and then referencing that final concatenation in the Mailto function?  For example, if you want your Body to be Line Item A & Line Item B, create Line Item C with formula 'Line Item A' & 'Line Item B' (with any necessary spacing/formatting issues), and then using Line Item C in your Mailto function?  

    Hope that helps!

    -Chris Weiss
  • Hi,
    Try using %0A%0A without any quotes around. Here's a simple example that worked for me, without using MAILTO. Just format your line item as Text / Email and enter the formula :
    "[click here to submit your budget]" & "" & "?subject=Budget Submission&body=Please review my budget. %0A%0A Thanks"
    Hope this helps in the MAILTO context.
  • Hi, CC is now not working. Please help. here's my code  "[Notification]" & TO & "?cc=" & Control Module.UniPlan Admin Email & "&subject=" & Subject & "&body=" & Body & "%0A%0AThanks" ELSE BLANK


    Thanks Dennis

  • Hi Denis,

    Try replace ? by & before cc and add "mailto:?to=" like this:

    "[Notification]" & "mailto:?to=" & TO & "&cc=" & Control Module.UniPlan Admin Email & "&subject=" & Subject & "&body=" & Body & "%0A%0AThanks" ELSE BLANK

    This should works fine 🙂


  • Hi all,

    I'm having trouble with the Mailto: on google chrome opening gmail. I have set google chrome to open gmail for mailto: protocols. Test scenarios:

    * anaplan mailto on chrome - new tab opens momentarily, but never opens gmail


    * non-anaplan mailto (a link on on chrome- opens gmail on chrome with compose

    * anaplan mailto on internet explorer- opens gmail on chrome with compose

    anaplan mailto on firefox- opens gmail on chrome with compose


    I have disabled popup blockers on chrome, but still I cannot open gmail. Have you guys experienced such problems?



  • I am having this exact issue.  Did you ever find a solution to this problem?