lookup not working



Can anyone please explain why the below formula is not pulling any data? I wanted to fetch the details into LoS from SYS13 using LoS(numbers) as driver


LoS >> Line Item List(Length of service) 


I tried converting the LoS(Numbers) into Text & tried vlookup again but it didn't fetch any details







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  • jasonblinn
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    I am not very clear on what you are trying to accomplish since the number that you are pulling in is the same as your list. It seems to me that you could just use your text line item and use the FindItem Equation to get it to your list instead of using the lookup.






  • Hi @CommunityMember111277 ,


    Lookup will only work if the mapping is a list formatted line item, time period formatted item, or a property from the source. In your case, the mapping "LoS(Numbers)" line item needs to be list formatted and not text formatted as mentioned by you. 

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