Issue in fetching data from one module to another

Hey Everyone,


I am facing a problem while taking datas from one module to another module. 

I have to Fetch data from detailed level to aggregated level. My Source File is containing more detailed data and my Target module is supposed to have the aggregated data from source.

As my target and source file is containing almost same dimensions/lists BUT one list item is different, Source File is containing the child of a hierarchy and Target file is containing its Parent list. I am attaching a screenshot for your reference.


Could you help me, what kind of functions will work in these kind of cases. I tried PARENT Fn. But did not get the answer.


Thanks n Ragrds,


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  • anirudh
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    Hi Bhumika,

    You will have to import into a module with dimensions same as the dimensions available in the file
    Then link this data module to the parent module using formulas

  • Assuming it's not a numbered list, you can create a saved view in the source module with the levels selected to match the target module.


    If you're using a numbered list, you'll need to provide the code of the items in the list to match to the target.





    Thank You so much for your answers. I Resolved the issue, as in my case I just need to fix the top level for the child list in my source file.


    Thanks much