Line Item Filter based on Page slector


Hi All, Can I filter my line items on a module based on my dimension page selector.


Say on Total Org Level I want to view different line item and when below levels are selected I want to see different line items.




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  • Misbah
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    As I said earlier in my previous comment it will work only on Non hierarchical lists. For hierarchical lists you can achieve it thru Filters and not page selectors


  • @MadhabikaM 


    I don't see that happening with Page Selectors for hierarchical lists but you can make it work thru Picklists or Filters (in short). For non hierarchical lists or Flat lists it is possible with the help of Line item Subsets


    Line Item Subsets Demystified - Anaplan Community


    Read Filters Part of it, you will get an idea how this needs to be pulled off.


    I created a Line item Subset based on the original module - Community 419



    I also created second module -Community 420 with Flat list and Line item subset as a dimension. One boolean formatted line item in it and made selectionMisbah_0-1598526029641.png



    I used Line item Subset & Flat list as a dimension in third module and I applied the filter from step 2 in step 3.






    Hope this helps



  • Hi Mishab,

    My bad , I forgot to mention this that My List is a hierarchy List.

    So Line item subset didn't work, as Show? option can either b set to All or Any to view at top level.

    But by Top Level Line item will be exactly opposite of below level nodes.