Forecast an amount every 'x' periods




I need to take a committed contract amount and forecast it going forward as if the contracts will be renewed for exactly the same amount once the contract expires. Contracts can be month to month, quarterly, annual, or bi-annual. The image below shows a mock-up of committed contracts in green text and how I would need to forecast those amounts going forward (in blue).


How do I accomplish this in Anaplan?


E.g. The $50,000 quarterly contract in Aug 20 will renew in Nov 20 for $50,000, the $300,000 quarterly contract in Sep 20 will renew in Dec 20 for $300,000, and the $33,000,000 annual contract in Aug 20 will renew in Aug 21 for $33,000,000

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  • anirudh
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    It will repeat if you refer the forecast line item itself in the formula







  • Hi Shane,


    Try this:


    1. The Month to Month, quarterly, Annual Contract etc.  must be a list (line item subset would also work)

    2. Create a module dimensioned by this list

    3. Create a line item called 'Renewal frequency'

    4. Enter 1, 3, 12 and 24 against each of the list members respectively in this line item

    5. In your forecast line item enter the formula:

    POST(Initial Contract Value, Renewal frequency line item)


    Let me know if this works




  • Post / Offset only push the amount forward one time, I need the amount to repeat many times going forward.


    Said another way, Post takes the Aug 20 amount and puts it in Nov 20 but I also need it to be in Feb 21, May 21, Aug 21, Feb 22, May 22, on and on.

  • Oh, got it! I had given up on trying that because I couldn't get around the circular reference error when trying to do Post(itself, driver) but it does work correctly if I hardcode in the numbers and do a nested IF statement which works for me for this use case.