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I needed a logic to pick the values as below:


If my current month selected is Jan, Feb or March FY20 then populate the value from Oct , Nov and Dec FY19 respectively.


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  • Misbah
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    So what you are saying is that 


    If Jan 2020 is selected you wish to check Oct 19, Nov 19 and Dec 19 Values

    If Feb 2020 is selected you would want to get Nov 19, Dec 19 and Jan 20 Values


    And if both Jan 2020 and Feb 2020 are selected then you would want Oct 19 to Jan 2020 selected. If all the above assumptions are true then see if this helps

    OFFSET(Check, 3, FALSE) OR OFFSET(Check, 2, FALSE) OR OFFSET(Check, 1, FALSE)



  • @MadhabikaM 

    Excellent question. One that is asked regularly because there are many solutions.

    Keep in mind the "9" you see here can be a line item so you can change that logic dynamically.

    For me, I prefer to use OFFSET since that is what you are trying to do. "I want to offset the sales by 9 months". this follows the PLANS methodology.

    But as you can see all these will work.





    You can also check out this article that discusses the performance impact of each of these. In this case, however, you won't be able to use PREVIOUS. And I don't ever recommend using SELECT.

  • Hi Jared,

    The above functions only work for Number formatted line item.

    But I need a boolean check line item.

    when If my selected month parent is quarter 1 (say Q1 FY20),
    then enable true for (Oct, Nov, Dec) of Prior year Q4 FY19.

    I also tried using a Month(start()) which will give me number 1-12 for respective months and I can use If else condition for enabling true if number >=10 and <= 12(lookup Prior Year), but this is not helping as my model setting is using week grouping 5-4-4.

    any other function I can use in this scenarion.

  • @MadhabikaM 


    Whatever Professor @JaredDolich  said is absolutely right and is applicable for Booleans as well.  Instead of writing

    OFFSET(Sales, -3,0) which will be applicable for number formatted line items you can write OFFSET(Sales, -3, FALSE).

  • Hi @Mishab,

    Offset will not help me here, as I need prior 3 months to be selected not just third month and also , only If my current month selected is in Q1 then check true for prior 3 months.

  • Thanks Mishab,

    This helps, but the logic need to be update little.
    I have done the same and its working fine.
  • @MadhabikaM 


    Glad that it worked. And the name is Misbah.



  • Hi @MadhabikaM 


    Alternatively, you could have used movingsum with any aggregation method



    PFA the snip,

    Hope it helps