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I have one unit in my module that is missing a monthly phasing for 2 years (2022 & 2023). I have value only for December, so I want to say that if there is no input in a month, it should pick up Dec value and apply it to all months from January to November.


I'd prefer to avoid saying that if it's 2022 then take Dec 22 and if 2023 then Dec 23, so I'm wondering if there's a smarter way to solve it. I tried formulating using MONTH(START())=12, but no luck.



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  • jnoone
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    Hey Sandra - May be a more elegant way but have you tried the method highlighted in the screenshots? 









  • Hi @sandrajcp 

    You can create a line item formatted by time and map it to dec, 

    then create a line item to select phasing value for the mnth if non zero else lookup the dec month line item value