I have a module created with dimensions rate area, brand and channel. However, I have another module where the user inputs the values only at rate area and department level. So from the module where the user inputs the values we are getting it into the module  with extra dimensions(i.e. brand and channel) thereby causing the values to get repeated on each brand and each channel. So, is there any way to control this so that the values come only at summary level like on each rate area but only at all brands and all channels instead of throwing same value at each brand and each channel.


Request your help on the same.


Thanks in advance!


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    Why is your target module dimensioned by Brand and Channel if you don't intend to see values in each brand and channel. In your target module change the dimensionality from Brand to One Level up of Brand dimension and same for channel dimension


    If you don't want to change the dimensionality then you can split the values equally in the system at each list item level so that you get the same number at summary level.

  • Hi @Misbah,

    The target module has brand and channel as dimension because in the target module we have other values coming from other source modules like volume and gross sales which are user input at this level.

    Moreover it will not be possible to split the values equally at each list level as we intent to show the value at each branch (or subsequent list Items) 0 and only the summary to display the correct total value.
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    By your definition, it is the same value for Channel and Brand. So you can remove these dimensions from the line item (Not the entire module).


    Though it is displaying same value for each Channel and Brand, it wont occupy memory.