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Hi all,


I am working on L2 Sprint 3 training and I ran into a saved view issue. Currently, there's a lock on the Default view and I'm not able to view my SYS00 Planning Period Filter for UX.


Any ideas about what I may have done to lock this option and how to resolve the issue?





  • @DBrin17 


    That is how it should be. In NUX there are two types of Views

    Module View - These are locked, meaning you will not be able to make any changes in these Views in NUX. These will be taken as is from the model

    Custom View - These can be amended/modified/Changed in NUX as per your wish. Changes include Pivoting, Conditional formatting, hide and show, filters, sorting etc.


    So if you wish to make changes in the View in NUX please select Custom view. Custom View can be found adjacent (left) to Module Views in your screenshot


    Hope that helps


  • Hey @Misbah
    I LOVE.this locking of the default view. We are going one step further from suggesting Best Practice to including the Best Practice in the product itself ☺️
  • @einas.ibrahim 


    Not sure if I understood what you meant:(

  • Thanks @Misbah! I'm going through the New UX videos again to defamiliarize myself with the options so that I can have a better understanding of the difference between Module and Custom view.

  • Hi @Misbah! Thank you again for your response but I am still locked out of the other views and I'm not sure how to change open the Custom View in the NUX. I rewatched several videos today on the NUX and I cannot figure it out. Any additional assistance on how to add my SYS00 saved view to my page would be much appreciated

    Thanks again!
  • @DBrin17 


    Let me try once again


    When you want to publish anything on the dashboard you create Saved Views in the module. In classic UX you would have published these saved views on to the dashboard. In NUX you not only can publish these saved views but you can also create views of your own which you call Custom views. All of the Saved views are locked, meaning you will not be able to make any change in these saved views in NUX and if you have to make any change in Saved View you will have to go to that module in the model and modify it there.

    On the other hand if you choose Custom views in NUX you can create the view as per your wish. Remember Custom Views are only available in NUX & not in Classic

    Here is how you choose Custom Views. When you go to the page designer mode, you introduce the Grid card. When you start configuring the grid card it will take you to the card designer window. By default it lands to Custom Views. Screenshot below


    On top right side of the custom views there are 6 options - these are the options will help you modify your view



    1. First one is if you have to rearrange your dimensions (Pivoting)

    2. Second one is Filter

    3. Third one is Sorting

    4.  Show/Hide

    5. Positioning of Totals

    6. Conditional Formatting

    Below view is the modified version of above screenshot



    On the other hand if you choose your Views from Module views in NUX these are either Default Views or Saved Views you will not be able to see those 6 options here. Meaning whatever is coming from the model is displayed as is



    For more information please read this article

    Understanding Anaplan's UX with Analogies, FAQs an... - Anaplan Community


    Hope that helps


  • @Misbah, you are a wealth of knowledge. Many thanks for the thorough explanation as well as the screenshots. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the solution again because that was tremendously helpful.

    Your support and assistance means so much to the Anaplan Community!