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Suggest to show the general process progress in the new UX. In the classic UX, it is possible to see which specific action in the process chain is currently being processed. The new UX only shows the progress bar per process step but without any information at all about which step is currently being processed and it is therefore impossible for the end user to see if the process chain is almost done or still in the early phase. When the process is finalized, small tick marks or exclamation marks are shown next to the process steps, but would be helpful if these are displayed as every process step is completed (see example I created below). This way the end user or model builder can still have the steps collapsed if not interested in the details, but can also expand and see the general progress of the process. Ideally, there should be both a progress bar for the full process and for the individual process steps.



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  • Hi Anaplan Product team.  I fully support this idea.  Just checking - is the difference between the classic UX and new UX design intentional - i.e. is there a new, different way to visualise the progress that @hgrosen describes in the new UX?  I support cases where the new UX supports the functionalities in different (especially improved) ways than classic.  If this is such a case, please describe how to have this visibility in the new UX?

  • Supporting this.

    For multi-tasks processes, visibility as in the backend on where the process progress is currently brings confidence to end users (while showing a process stuck at 33% during 10' isnt really reassuring, especially with the fear of a internet connection interruption during the process)

  • Adding onto this - it would be great for end users to be able to expand / collapse the actions within a process after the process has fully completed as well instead of just closing out of the process upon completion. This would allow for users to see exactly how many data points were processed.

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