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Would be very beneficial for the model builder to see the calculation time (e.g. from model open) of the individual line items with formulas. The current cell count is a great help when it comes to optimizing the model and identifying how to reduce the size hereof. However, the calculation time of the different line items is also a very important factor when it comes to ensuring the model can be opened fast and that the model in general performs well. Ideally, this should be shown in the modules right next to the cell count and in the line item overview to help identify the most performance-heavy calculations.

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  • @hgrosen 

    As we evolve the modelling experience, we will look to include "performance metrics" in some form

    It is medium to longer term though, but definitely something that is in our thinking. 


  • @DavidSmith 

    Thanks, any enhancements in this area will be appreciated. Will make it easier to continuously optimize our models and thereby the end user experience.


  • Great idea! Would love to see it implemented. 

  • You probably know that you can always request a "Model Open" analysis which does just that. They're normally pretty quick are turning it around and is great at showing that next step of detail. Suggest talking to your BP on it.

    In a recent optimisation we found a line item that was not too big but a complete drag on model open - chopped it up and the model size change was minimal but the open time impact was amazing.

    Large line item doesn't necessarily equal poor calculating one.

  • Adding to @andrewtye 's comment - Yes, this is a good first step, specifically for Model open times,  however there are a couple of caveats


    • The time shown will be the "calculation time", not the elapsed time.  A large calculation that multi-threads might take less time to execute than a smaller calculation that doesn't.
    • The calculations are full re-calculations - Some of the large calculations may not need to be re-calculated again during the planning cycle

    Hence, why we'd love to show users the calculations during normal usage; hot spots etc.


  • As suggested above, while new functionality/reporting is made available to end users, talking with your BP is always a good idea.

    While the model open analysis is something that could be helpful, it only goes so far. There could be other options worth discussing and investigating.   

  • Agree, already had Model Open analysis carried out which helped clarify which formulas and type of formulas to avoid or rewrite. We are still using this insight when creating new line items. But as mentioned by @DavidSmith, would be good to have different dynamically updated performance measures shown directly in the model - also covering elapsed time.

  • I totally agree @hgrosen 

    I'm glad that David reinforced the fact Anaplan will eventually provide some key metrics. This was also briefly mentioned during a Master Anaplanner group discussion and will provide a very powerful tool for builders, architects and administrator to fine tune their models, check performances and maybe even validate best designs options during the early stages of an implementation.


  • Another vote for this functionality.

  • When recursion is involved, calculating the running time can be complicated. You can often work out a sample case to estimate what the running time will be.

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