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As we start using the NUX in an intensive way, I would like to share a user need.

We use the NUX for monthly business reviews which were held on the basis of powerpoint documents.

The NUX allows us to gain time yet we find ourselves short of document we can use to write notes or to read on paper. (old habits )

We tried to use the powerpoint add-in to create a full doc. This was very frustrating as many chart options are not available in ppt (i.e. waterfalls., bubble charts...)

We tried to export to pdf. Also frustrating as we have to do that page by page.

So, would it be possible ?
* to send to pdf a workbook (with all pages) in a snap... : by selecting before the print what should be selected
* or to have all chart options available in the ppt add in to make great presentations available



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